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Wading Boots

Paramount Outdoors Wading Boots offer the stability and traction you need to keep you on the water and not in it. All of our wading Boots include Slick Eddy Wading Shoes Studs and feature recessed stud insert points. Designed to be worn over stockingfoot wader booties, there is no need to go up in size. If you are looking for a lightweight and durable wading shoe the Stonefly is the best value wading boot on the market. The Deep Eddy adds additional collar support for a comfortable and secure fit. The Slate offers even more durability full wrap rubberized reinforcement. Looking for the best value (Stonefly), Better support (Deep Eddy), or best all around (Slate) we’ve got you covered. Lastly, All our boots are available in both Felt Sole and Cleated Rubber Sole.

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